Dear Dad,

First of all, happy birthday!! You should be 64 years old by now. Recalled all the past time, I just want to say I’m sorry for all things happened between us. I know you not meant the way I thought you are for all these years, and I’m so sorry that I (finally) can say this when you are not among us anymore. I wish I can turn back time, not so that I can deny what God had planned for you, but only to say “I’m sorry” to you personally as a man, as a son, as YOUR son.

Many things happened after you’re gone, and all these things opened my eyes how you’ve struggled for us, for me. You always said that you want to see your sons be bachelors and I know how  proud you are when your oldest son was graduated. Now, both of your sons have graduated and I’m sure you must be very happy for it. We are on way to build our own life, our own career, just like you always told us to..

I know we haven’t shared many memories, but no matter what the world said you will always be my father and I’m so glad that is you. You are not perfect, I know. But who does anyway? I just hope that we could be better, and if,by God’s will, we meet again up there I promise by that day you will be smiled at me proudly.  I don’t know what to say again since you must be know what I’m thinking or what I’m doing, so I think I don’t have much to report to you. Just watch me calmly from heaven while I prepared the day I will meet you again. I love you , Dad..

Your son..