I don’t know why I write this.. I wish I don’t but once again my heart overwhelm my thought. I just want to make a shout what’s in my mind. what’s become voice of my heart..  My thought about you, what my heart tells me.. The first day I meet  you is the day my heart start to beat again.. start to gain life again, after sorrow put a burden to it.. just like sun wiped out the grey sky.. But I never realized that sun can be so much hurt.. that sun was always unreachable, untouchable.. You’ve told me to never wait for uncertainty, but in fact I never do.. I walked my life, live my dream, with my feeling to you, my thought about you, my love for you that stayed.. Forgive for my excessive attention to you, it was just a reflection of my abundant affection.. I realized that my dream of you was still miles away to be true, whilst my life has to be going on.. I’ll walked my life, chasing my dream, while hoping that I’m getting closer.. hoping you are not getting far away..

Love you, always..

-be grateful, be faithful, be careful –